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‘In the footsteps of Battuta’ is a creative collaboration between the Alsafar Foundation, UNESCO and National Geographic created to capture and celebrate the history of Islam in a positive and poetic way.

Women in the desert, under a tent
Al Safar
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Our digital experience immerses users in a visual testimony of photographer Yan Bighetti de Flogny and his team’s journey as they traced the footsteps of Muslim Berber explorer Ibn Battuta, capturing the culture and beauty of Islam in 36 countries and across 120,000 km.

Extracts of the website - Morocco pages
Extract of the website : Saudi Arabia
Extract of the website : Ibn Battu
Extract of the website : Ahamed Ouali Ibrahimi

Capture the culture and values of islam today and in history.

Creativily it was important to capture the culture and values of islam today and in history and integrate this within the design. Technically the project was being populated after it went life, we had to build it in a way that could expand as the photography was shared but felt experiential and dynamic for the user. 

Using NanoGL we created a modular framework that could be customised and updated for each country and new content whilst retaining a seamless aesthetic.

Gif of the website - Getrude Joseph Mligo
Extract of the website : Kilimandjaro page
Extract of the wesbite : 3 pictures of a black man

Combing type, illustration & creative development to visually celebrate the culture and history of Islam in a modern way.

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Gif of the website : Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia
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Extract of the website : two landscape images and a text
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