A fake tennis court is set up with an interactive screen. The word Judgement is displayed on the screen.

AXA - Know you can

Interactive installation for Axa

Overcome your fears on the court

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To celebrate AXA’s new brand we designed and built an interactive tennis court where Serena Williams and influencers were invited to smash away their self-doubt and help celebrate self worth. Using seamless real-time 3D we created a personalised highly sensitive interactive screen that created emotive and shareable experience.

We saw a screen with an hand on it
Know you can
From behind, someone is holding a tennis racket.
Close up on the interactive screen.
Silhouette of a women in front of the Axa red bar

A personal real-world experience with Serena Williams

AXA wanted to maximise their partnership with Serena and create an opportunity for super fans and influencers to have a personal real-world experience. We invited each participant to share words relevant to them and using Real-Time 3D they had a personalised display.

The big challenge was how to create an installation that can withstand Serena’s famous 122mph and recognise when and where the ball has connected with the screen. 

The screen was protected with plexiglass to ensure it could undertake even the biggest impact and LIDAR technology was used to detect the ball. This mapping technology tracked and registered the impact of the ball and created an immediate visual response on screen as the negative words were broken down, leaving the participants feeling empowered.

Is written on the interactive screen, Everyone deserves a chance, Origin.
Words are broken as the ball hits the screen.
Words are broken as the ball hits the screen.
The opening screen at the beginning of the experience.
In the foreground, there are a tennis racket and a ball. In the background, the theme of the installation is showed on the screen.
The word Judgement is written across the screen, the word is all broken and pieces are falling to the ground.
On the interactive screen, the tennis court is about to collapse.
View of a digital tennis court, displaying on the interactive screen.

Creating emotive real-world installations built using seamlessly technology.

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