For Honor

For Honor - Scars

An interactive experience for Ubisoft

An interactive storytelling

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For the launch of the game we built an interactive “mexican standoff” between 3 warriors using real game models and assets. For Honor is a competitive third-person melee fighting game with visceral close range combat in multiplayer action, the experience we built invited users to explore the stories of each warrior and how they received their battle ‘scars’.

Awe-inspiring real-time 3D this is a web and mobile experience offering cinematic proportions and valuable in-game rewards..

For honor - ancient samouraï
For Honor - Scars
For honor - battle
For honor - ancient samouraï
For honor - knight

A real cinematic quality

The joy of the For Honor games is the cinematic quality of render and the attention to detail on every aspect of the characters. The challenge is how do you replicate this for web and mobile?

Extract of the website : The Raider
Extract of the mobile website : ancient Samouraï

Creating a moment that everyone can access

The answer, our NanoGL engine. We built this engine specifically to create awe-inspiring realtime 3D that works seamlessly on every device. Enabling us to create a moment for the game that everyone can access.

We also invited users to unlock codes to redeem against weapons within the game.

Gif of the website : different kinds of weapons
Gif of the website : differents kinds of weapons
Gif of the website : differents kinds of weapons
For Honor - knight

Cinema standard real-time 3D, setting the bar for what can be achieved on mobile and desktop.

Mosaic of extracts of the project

400,000 users in less than a week
Warriors from 180 countries spending an average of 6 minutes within the experience
169,000 weapons forged as an in-game reward
150k beta keys distributed in less than 3 days

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