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Girls Who Code Girls

In collaboration with Mojo Supermarket and Girls Who Code

Code your own 3D video game characters

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Representation matters in gaming. In the US, women make up 48% of gamers, yet 77% of video game developers are men. Designed through male eyes, female and non-binary individuals are largely misrepresented by the industry. 

We care deeply about the future of gaming, so this year we’re proud to have partnered with Girls Who Code and Mojo Supermarket to create Girls Who Code Girls. 

This unique coding experience looks to inspire young girls, to get them excited about coding and futures in tech. Focussed on representation, users are invited to code their very own characters and fight for inclusive representation in gaming.

Girls Who Code Girls - Makemepulse
Girls who code girls

It’s about time video
game characters
represented us!

Female depiction in gaming needs a shake up. Only 20% of characters in gaming are female, and those that are, are often presented as white, thin and overtly sexual.

The Girls Who Code Girls experience invites users to challenge these perspectives and define how their video game characters should look.

Once characters are coded, users are rewarded with unique character cards and are invited to publish their creations on the Girls Who Code Girls Gallery for the community to explore. We can’t wait to browse through them all!

Girls Who Code Girls - Makemepulse
Girls Who Code Girls - Makemepulse
Girls Who Code Girls - Makemepulse
Girls Who Code Girls - Makemepulse
Girls Who Code Girls - Makemepulse
Girls Who Code Girls - Makemepulse

Background colours change depending on the selected mood. 6 different possible moods to choose from with 6 unique soundtracks to discover!

First, choose your character’s mood! Are they feeling Empowered? Inspired? Calm?

We open the experience with a simple question for the user: How are they feeling today? How should their character feel?

By entering one out of six choices, via type or drop down selection, users are shown how the coding process works.

As soon as they code a mood, the background, music, and character styling changes. During this opening, characters will randomly rotate to display different body types, skin tones and facial features.

With six different mood universes to discover, which is your favourite? Hint: choose wisely, your character’s mood will define the colour of your character card!

Girls Who Code Girls - Makemepulse
Girls Who Code Girls - Makemepulse

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes! For this experience, we broke character sizing down to show small, medium and large frames. From here, we looked at codable sizing for both chest and hip size too.

In total, users have 27 different body types to explore and choose from.

After defining their character’s universe and core frame, users are invited to customise further: skin tone, skin specificities, facial features, hair colouring and styles, and clothing are all open to explore! Once completed, coders progress on to the next stage - exploring their character’s identity.

Having considered pronouns, zodiac signs and attributes, the user coding experience culminates with assigning characters an empowering pseudonym: Warriors, Engineers, Queens and more - what’s yours?

Browse the Girls Who Code Girls gallery and discover the diversity of coded character creations!

Every card is unique, showcasing the newly coded characters in full detail. Users are encouraged to download their character cards and share them on social media for all to see and appreciate.

The gallery gathers all of the experience’s coded characters in one place. Use the Filters panel to sort the cards and explore specific creations. Inspired by an existing character? Dive in and customise your own, based on it.

Girls Who Code Girls - Makemepulse

Fun fact: the animated code in the background of the experience homepage is actually real code from the project! (:

Girls Who Code Girls - Makemepulse
Girls Who Code Girls - Makemepulse
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