Sex Education - Le petit manuel

Sex Education

A collaboration with Netflix

Strike down taboo about sexuality

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We partnered with Netflix to promote the sex education manual created in collaboration with Photographer & Director Charlotte Abramow for season 2 of Sex Education. The series provokes discussion around all facets of sexual activity in a modern way. We made a website which plays on the fun aesthetic of Charlotte Abramow coupled with fresh design to encourage young people to order their free copy.

Sex Education cast
Sex Education - Le petit manuel

The show tackles important and often taboo topics like consent, homophobia and prejudice. To be able to create a platform that allows teenagers and young adults to inform and educate themselves better was something we’re really into.

Extract of the website : landing page with the manual
Extract of the website : "Do it yourself"
Extract of the website : two pictures of womens with words on them
Emma Mackey with a model of a clitoris

The website highlights key moments and chapters from the book. The design reflects details from the print version by including playful animations and doodles to bring the fun. 

Website : le petit manuel

The campaign was supported by a full media campaign and a pop-up store ensuring guide was a big hit.

3 images of the website : "désire qui tu veux" and "do it yourself" with a of two men kissing
Extract of the website : the menstruation
Extract of the website : Charlotte Abramow page

Gorgeous design and animation that works seamlessly on any device.

Make Me Pulse magic
Sex doodles
Gif preview of the website
Gif preview of the website
Mosaic of the website preview
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