Enter Through the Bricks with the Weasley twins

LEGO - Through the bricks

Enter the magic

LEGO x Makemepulse

Enter the magic

  • AR + VR + MR
  • Brand content

We collaborated with Lego to create an immersive out of this world WebAR experience using 8th wall to tease the release of the hotly anticipated Harry Potter ‘Diagon Alley’ Lego sets.

Extract of lego Hedwige flying with a newspaper
Lego : Through the Bricks

Discover Diagon Alley in your living-room

The idea was born from what connects Harry Potter and Lego, the bricks. The experience reveals the set and plays homage to the iconic scene in the first Harry Potter movie in which Hagrid takes Harry through the wall to experience Diagon Alley for the very first time.

Harry Potter characters in lego (Ginny, Harry, Hermione, the ice merchant, Mrs Weasley, Ollivander, the photographer, Ron)

Allowing fans to bring their favourite characters to life anywhere

The project launched globally with the UK, US, Germany and China as key markets. The experience can be unlocked by visiting the URL www.LEGO.com/enterthemagic or for added participation, LEGO fans can also make their own QR code to create a portal to the site. This mechanic was used as a teaser for the launch, to create anticipation and intrigue.

Through the Bricks intro screen

Putting the narrative into the hands of the customers through WebAR

Mosaic of extracts of the application screens
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