Orange Cube - Engage 2025


Engage 2025

An original project by makemepulse and Orange

Orange Cube

  • Platform
  • Brand content
  • Experiential

We created an engaging gaming platform which packaged Orange Strategy “Engage 2025” in the context of Covid-19 to be presented to its employees across the globe.

Case study

Have fun and play in an immersive space

In 2016, Orange created Cube, a corporate game for sharing the Group’s objectives and strategy in an entertaining way. It was a huge success! Five years on, Orange partnered with makemepulse to revamp that concept, address the challenges they face in 2021 (remote, CSR, security etc.) and surprise their employees with a new edition!

Immersed in a futuristic environment of smart cities, players are invited to challenge their colleagues in four different mini-games where they have to draw, guess, aim accurately or rearrange letters. A total of 2,000 different questions can be played live or asynchronously. Bonus and weekly quests reward regular players and help them climb the leaderboard faster. For a week, a special 5G challenge offers extra points and an iPhone 12 for the highest score, for good answers related to that theme.

Badges and stamps can be unlocked as the game goes on to reward players' curiosity, talent, perseverance, and speed. After six weeks of fierce competition, top players are invited for a challenge in a live finale that is broadcast to the Group.

Guess what? People love to draw!

The stats indicate addictive play across the platform experience during the six weeks of contest. An average player challenges a colleague 45 times and collects 18 badges on the platform!

More results:
Around 15 000 registered players in 73 different countries
- 5 languages (English, French, Spanish, Polish and Arabic)
- 448K challenges between colleagues
- 214K badges unlocked


The best edition of Cube we ever had

Aude Barth, VP continual improvement & Client Culture
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