Two mobile phones with Pokemon app opened.

Pokemon - Go Beyond Trainer Guide

Learn more about the new game with our Trainer Guide

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Pokemon Trainer Guide

  • Experiential
  • Brand content

To create hype around the latest release of Pokémon Go Beyond, we created an interactive Trainer Guide to tempt fans to learn more about the new game and sharpen their skills.

Cover picture of Pokemon GO Beyond
Case study
Screens from the Go Beyond App

A Trainer Guide inspired by the original Pokédex.

Keeping the design authentic to the game was a key objective whilst being mindful of which characters, narratives and elements could be used. As long-time super fans it was a joy to deepdive into one of our favourite games and create a unique experience for this community.

Screens from the Go Beyond App
Screens from the Go Beyond App - achievements unlocked

Colourful fun design using the surprising medium of Google Slides!

Interactive, fun and engaging, the whole experience was built within Google Slides. 

To create a unique interface, we crafted each screen inspired by the Pokémon Go universe using gif, videos and colourful designs that are authentic to the characters and narrative of the popular game. 

Screens from the Go Beyond App

The trainer guide was designed to be the perfect accompaniment for superfan, lapsed or new player of the game. Diving into loved and new content the experience is a seamless interactive read for mobile, all created within Google!

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