A red Renault Twingo model on the road.

Renault Twingo Experience

Experience website for Renault

Customisable virtual test drive

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  • Real-Time 3D
  • Design

Customise your Twingo and race your car online! To launch the new Renault Twingo, we created a customisable virtual test drive with a twist. With the Twingo you can race your own customised car in two makemepulse built race games offering Renaults’ audience a different kind of drive.

Using real time 3D, Renault offered users detailed personalisation when exploring the new car online, including: body colours, alloys, sticker packs, car interior.

Is displayed a green Renault Twingo
Renault Twingo Experience
From behind, we see a blue Renault Twingo.
White Renault Twingo driving far behind
Inside the newest Renault Twingo.
Orange Renault Twingo driving, view from the side

Learn all about the new Renault Twingo

We wanted to not-only create a customisable car but also allow users to learn more about key handling and comfort features. Our NanoGL 3D engine enables the users to view and customise the Twingo from every angle and on all devices. They are then invited to play the two race games in their customised vehicle highlighting the manoeuvrability and comfort of the Twingo within a gaming environment.

From far above, we see an orange car driving.

Creating individually customised cars that can be played in a brand race game was an industry first.

The blue Twingo car is dodging all obstacles as requested to finish the game.
The Twingo color is fully customizable (blue, orange, white, grey...)
3 mobile layouts of the experience.
3 animated obstacles used in the game.

Provided with a High Poly 3D models, we simplified the 3D meshes of the car, the wheels, and designed all the car’s textures, as well as the games environments. Then we rigged the car, and animated the wheels and the car suspensions so it could realistically drive up and down slopes.

Grid of selected screens taken from the Renault Experience project.
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