NanoGL: Elevating 3D Rendering - Now Public with Comprehensive Documentation

NanoGL Technical Documentation

We are thrilled to announce the public release of NanoGL, the powerhouse behind our most sophisticated productions. NanoGL, known for its high performance and rendering capabilities in advanced applications, is now accessible to a broader community of developers.

Over the past eight years, NanoGL has evolved under the expert guidance of Pierre Lepers, one of our senior creative developers. This long-term development reflects a journey of continuous improvement and dedication. Pierre's leadership in steering this project has been instrumental in shaping NanoGL into the robust and sophisticated tool it is today.

NanoGL is tailored for developers with a solid understanding of low-level WebGL. It's not a beginner's tool, but for those with the requisite knowledge, it offers unparalleled control and power in 3D rendering. Its lightweight yet robust architecture is ideal for complex applications, particularly on low performance devices (mobile, XR).

To support your endeavors with NanoGL, we provide detailed documentation and real-world examples. These resources are crafted to help advanced users maximize the potential of this engine.

Making NanoGL publicly available marks our commitment to contributing to the advanced 3D rendering community. We're excited to see how it will be utilized in new, innovative projects, furthering the field of 3D technology.

Technical documentation available now!