Navigating the Next Frontier: Apple Vision Pro and Spatial Computing

‘Spatial Computing’ the buzz word for 2024

Let's dive into something that for many sounds truly mind-bending: spatial computing. Positioned as the tech world's latest magic trick, and with Apple's Vision Pro hitting the shelves, we're not just talking about future possibilities anymore – we're living them. The Apple Vision Pro effect is undeniable and with clever marketing moves like their launch TVC and their Vanity Fair cover I wanted to explore how we got here, what it is and why it is super exciting. 

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Remember the Hololens from Microsoft? That was our first real 'wow' moment in spatial computing. It was more of a sneak peek into this cool new world, though – kind of like having VIP tickets to a show that's not open to the public yet. But what it did was set the stage for something bigger – the kind of tech that's not just for the techies but for everyone. We even made a Demo not-dissimilar to the content we’re seeing today with the Vision Pro, imaging how Spatial Computing could reimagine much-loved activities like watching the match.

Say Hello to Apple Vision Pro

Now, enter Apple Vision Pro. This isn't just another gadget; it's like the headliner at Glastonbury but this is the spatial computing festival. Apple has taken what we knew and loved about earlier tech and turned it up to eleven. It's not just for the pros; it's for you and me. Imagine a superior user interface with smoother interactions—everything controlled by your eyes and hands. Experience a design that makes you feel like you're holding a piece of the future

Making it Real for Everyone: Pass-through Technology

The real game-changer here is pass-through technology. It's what makes devices like Apple Vision Pro and last year's Quest 3 not just cool but useful for everyone. It's like having x-ray vision – seeing your real world and digital info all at once. Suddenly, we're not just talking about spatial computing for a few; we're talking about a tech revolution for the masses.

WebXR: Our New Digital Playground

And just when you thought it couldn't get more exciting, there's WebXR. It's the bridge connecting these awesome spatial computing devices to the internet. Think about it: browsing the web but in 3D. You could be visiting a virtual exhibition, learning in a digital classroom that feels real, or hanging out with friends in a space that defies geography. WebXR is like the expressway to a future where the internet is not just something you look at; it's a place you step into. It is a playground we’ve been experimenting with for a number of years exploring different creative executions ranging from cultural exhibitions and galleries to collaborative training tools. We’ve spent a long time researching and exploring how humans instinctively behave within a spatial context and what their needs are from UX and UI to begin to have that intuitive shorthand we all have with our phones and other devices.

What's Next? Sky's the Limit!

The road we're on with spatial computing, especially with the Apple Vision Pro in the mix, is heading straight into uncharted territory. It's not just about cool or gaming gadgets; it's about changing how we live, work, and play. We can already see some glimpses of the future of how this next evolution of computer device could change our way of interacting and sharing experiences in Casey latest video.

What's the big takeaway? 

Spatial computing, with a little help from the Apple Vision Pro and WebXR, isn't just a tech evolution. It's a shift in how we experience the world and interact with each other. The future's not just knocking; it's already here, and it's pretty amazing. We can’t wait to share more from makemepulse and see more from across the industry.