Top 10 inspiration from 2023

What a vibrant year 2023 has proven to be, with AI invading space and Web3 taking a step back. We watched, we experimented, we played. 

As December unfolds, let’s take a moment to look back at some of the projects that fueled our creativity throughout the year. Here is my top 10. Time for a rewind!

The LVMH Journey: crossing the portals and visiting these singular 3D environments, was truly a journey! Beautiful 3D, super fluid navigation and immersive sound design.

Periodplanet: educative, playful, meaningful. The perfect combo in our POV 🩸

The Little Red Hood Quest: a stunning production made 100% out of AI. A brilliant exploration of what happens when creativity and AI meet.🐺

Le Louvre & Snapchat - Augmented Egypt - Resurrecting Ancient Egypt is always a hit! A good balance between education and entertainment, seamlessly integrated into the museum journey.

B&O Senses: Based on a Spotify connection, this experience captures your musical sensibility and turns it into an avatar. Smart, seamless, and beautifully crafted.

Missjourney: Brilliant strategy, powerful message, great execution pointing out inequalities to make things better. Something we're all about! 💪

Diesel Metamorph - Though we are very mindful of the energy challenges it raises, Unreal Engine makes it possible to craft games that are so awe-inspiring—we can't help but be thrilled!

OOH holographic billboards. When technology blurs the line between dream and reality, it’s just WOW.

Ai pin - Seeing beyond the conventions, this is what this object teaches us. This might become a usage. Or not. Whatever its future is, it encourages us to think outside the box.


Impossible to end the year without mentioning the Vegas sphere! This gigantic surface took our breath out. Who would have thought a U2 concert would be the highlight of 2023? 🔮

Happy new year everyone and se you next year! 🥂