What’s your favourite scary movie?

We asked some of the team for their favourite horror movie recommendations and this is what they said.

The Devils Rejects

Not only because Rob Zombie rules but because the soundtrack is the perfect introduction to southern rock.
Nicolas Rajabaly - CCO

What We Do In The Shadows

Because I’ve never laughed so much at a horror movie.
Aude Boyer - Producer

It Follows

An independent horror movie with a very simple but effective story.
Valentin Moreau - Producer

The Descent

It’s such a maddeningly claustrophobic film. 
Helena Nattrass - Growth & Partnerships Lead

The Sixth Sense

The twist absolutely floored me. 
Norra Abdul Rahim - Executive Producer

The Craft

A psychological thriller throwback that anyone embracing the 90s renaissance should check out.
Sarah Cutler - Global Head of Growth