The French Biodiversity Agency

Immersive tunnel of the future of biodiversity

A collaboration with TBWA & The French Biodiversity Agency

Discover the future of the biodiversity

  • Installation
  • Experiential

In collaboration with The French Biodiversity Agency makemepulse installed an immersive LED tunnel at The World Conservation Congress.

Case Study

An immersive LED tunnel showcases real-time animated content based on the user’s pick of the future.

We want to touch and engage both adults and children through an exclusive and interactive experience. The aim was to shed light on the future of our planet in 30 years through two different paths. 

We offered visitors an immersive tunnel using 190 LED tiles, and sensors which detect visitors and display their silhouette on both sides of the walls that make up the tunnel.

The left wall reveals a future of conscientious decisions that is sensitive to biodiversity, while the left wall reveals a dystopian future where biodiversity hardly exists any more.

Biodiversity is everywhere, on land and in the ocean. It covers anything from microscopic bacteria to more complex animals and plants.
We wanted to show through these illustrations and specific messages, what is at stake and the importance for preserving them.

“Beautiful illustrations to represent four types of landscapes”

Our installation was located at the entrance of one of the halls of Congress which received more than 100,000 visitors across 10 days.

We showed the current state of the world through four different landscapes: the sea and the coast, the city, the countryside and the mountain.

With each section we selected essential elements of biodiversity to showcase through engaging animations when a visitor goes through the tunnel.

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