Nasdaq 50th anniversary

Relive 50 years of history through an interactive webgl timeline. 

A collaboration with Invisible North

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We partnered with Invisible North on a slick interactive experience in celebration of Nasdaq’s 50th anniversary and to highlight their milestones and successes. Using intuitive real-time 3D and seamless design, users can unlock the exciting stories and search effortlessly for content that attracts their interests.

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We wanted to honour Nasdaq’s brand but also push the boundaries of what was conventionally expected within the financial services sector. Under Invisible North's creative direction, we built on their strong visual identity and created a timeline based experience combining employee content, material from the Museum of American Finance and news archives covering a broad range of topics.

Relive 50 years of history and evolution through an interactive webgl timeline. 

Using animation, 3D and motion design, we created a mobile first experience that feels immersive and engaging to the user - a virtual tribute or exhibition in celebration of Nasdaq.

I want to express my appreciation for all the work you and your team have done over the past few months to make this web experience a success.

Reed Whitney, Associate Director of Production at Invisible North
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