Inside of Versailles

Versailles VR

An original project for Google

The palace is yours

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The Versailles palace is one of the world's greatest Palaces, we collaborated with Google to allow people to explore this historical building from anywhere. The immersive VR experience seamlessly allows you to use the palace both in day and night. The experience is visually accurate, includes over 140 artworks, rebuilt rooms and a detailed audio information guide.

Is written on a black screen "Versailles VR - The palace is yours"
The Palace is Yours
3D object : "la table de l'abondance" from Versailles

Welcome to Versailles

Historical accuracy was key so we used a combination of photogrammetry technology and historical records to create every detail of the experience. There are many rooms that have since been rebuilt including the Royal Opera House, the Royal Chapel, the Hall of Mirrors, the King’s Bedchamber and Queen’s bedchamber.

Virtual tour of Versailles
Virtual tour of Versailles
Virtual tour of Versailles
Virtual tour of Versailles
Virtual tour of Versailles
Room with two screens projecting the virtual tour of Versailles

To truly immerse users we created an atmospheric audio guide to take you deeper into the experience and allow users to imagine life in the palace. There is also detailed information cards offering a deep dive into the historical importance of key art, furniture and architecture with the experience.

The experience was launched as part of the G20 expo at Le Grand Palais in November 2018 which celebrated 20 years of Google.

Joysticks used for the 3D tour
Joysticks used for the 3D tour
3D table with some sculptures on it

Radically immersive experience built using awe-inspiring visuals and creative allowing users to explore the past.

Mosaic of extracts of the project
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