Yellow Carambar on a orange screen

Carambar’s 50th Anniversary

Augmented reality on Snapchat

Fun experience for Carambar

Augmented reality jokes

  • AR + VR + MR
  • Brand content

Beloved French sweet Carambar turned 50, as a SnapChat partner we collaborated with them and Fred & Farid to celebrate their anniversary in a fresh way. How? By creating a loveable brand character who brought to life 50 new augmented reality jokes in SnapChat.

Carambar jokes 2.0
Carambar's 50th Anniversary
Snapchat : Carambar on a garden
Snapchat : Carambar on a room
Carambar with a gigantic chick
Snapchat : carambar in a room
Gif of an animated carambar

1 billion flashcodes distributed

The jokes are notoriously terrible and Carambar wanted to ensure that we continued this tradition within the AR. We focused on the character and scene creation maintaining great craft whilst letting the jokes live up to expectation. We created a series of unique snapcodes that were printed on nearly 1 billion sweets ensuring mass reach for the campaign.

Yellow Carambar
Carambar 50th Anniversary
Snapchat : carambar outside

‘Carambar proves the power of Social & Augmented Reality for delivery tangible results whilst delivering on craft & creativity’

Gif of an alien carambar
Gif of a professor carambar

Fresh Social AR work that created an uplifting and fun campaign with epic reach and a character cute enough to eat.

Mosaic of the lenses snapchat for Carambar

1 billion snapcodes printed on packaging

+6% of sales the first week of campaign

2 min average of dwell time (snapchat lens average is 10-15s)

9% of users shared the experience (average  2-4%)

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