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The Clubhouse

Building a brand home for Yuga Labs’ BAYC

Welcome to The Clubhouse

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Having worked closely with Yuga Labs over the year, we were the natural partners to jump in and reimagine the Bored Ape Yacht Club brand home. The immersive digital destination was designed as a hub for all things BAYC: for members, the public and press alike.

The Clubhouse - Makemepulse

Learn, engage, explore.

Visually rich, with an immersive soundscape throughout, the clubhouse is a love letter to all things BAYC. It was designed as a home for the world’s most active NFT community, as well as a hub for non members to learn, engage and explore the depth and breadth of the BAYC universe. It opens up the world of NFTs in the mainstream, with a no-nonsense, non-corporate execution: it’s approachable, engaging and characterful.

The clubhouse is intriguing and playful from the off: users enter the site via swinging saloon doors, and once inside are immersed in a rich environment. As the centre of the site, we filled it with sleek rollover animations and narrative nods for users to discover between pages.

Bringing the world of web2 and web3 together

We began production with a detailed discovery phase, collaborating with key stakeholders and players across Yuga to define the varied needs and key use cases for the brand home. We immersed ourselves in the visual codes and language of the web3 community to create a functional, but far from ordinary site. The clubhouse brings together the web2 and the web3 world. It’s the beginning of a bigger vision, designed to hero the company’s history, and present, whilst being flexible enough to grow and evolve alongside with Yuga for the future.

We embellished the brand’s iconic illustrations with stylised props and playful animation. We took inspiration from the bold art direction to create characterful transitions between areas - looking to elevate the user experience and journey across the clubhouse.

Navigating the clubhouse

Users can discover different content across the clubhouse: do you want to learn about the founders, get support on token acquisition and management or meet the apes of the universe? Users can locate the content areas organically, or open up the bar-style menu to navigate with ease. The member-only area of the site, locked behind wallet connection and a watchful ape eye, offers holders a personalisable profile and an exclusive space to showcase their individual collections.

The heart of the clubhouse is the collection gallery: opening up on a patchwork of NFTs it invites users to explore the full range of NFTs, or head out to the marketplace. Moving between collections, users can search via a range of traits, refining by visual identity, characteristics, and even accessories.

Under one roof, The Clubhouse looks to provide maximum value and token useability for its members, whilst warmly welcoming in new users to engage with and join BAYC’s unique and growing community.

Perfecting our partnership

This is the third collaboration in our journey with Yuga Labs; we crafted two narrative gaming experiences prior to building The Clubhouse: Dookey Dash and HV-MTL Forge. A partnership like no other, we were delighted to take on the mission of defining and realising a brand home for the team; an epic clubhouse fit for web3 pioneers and their extraordinary community.

The Clubhouse - Makemepulse
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