Close up of a 3D Earth planet with touches of gold representing big cities. The globe is surrounded with golden rings.

Hennessy - The Spirit of the NBA

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The Spirit of the NBA

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On the first day of the NBA season (2021-2022), we launched Hennessy’s interactive digital experience in celebration of their partnership with the professional basketball league. It features all their past events across a revolving globe, created in WebGL. Find your way around and discover what “Spirit of the NBA” means to Hennessy.

In the foreground, we have the Spirit of the NBA logo featuring the NBA x Hennessy collaboration logo. In the background, we see the 3D Earth planet in an all-white version.
Case Study
Very close up of the 3D planet where we see the building skyline. And just above the building, we see a golden ring.
Close up view of the planet centered on the central america / USA, where the big cities are highlighted by golden sparkles. Golden rings surround the planet.
View of the entire planet in an all-white AD, the golden rings surrounding it form a basketball.
Close up of a hotspot on the planet.

Explore their partnership through an elegant webGL experience.

French cognac distiller Hennessy made history as NBA’s first global spirits partner, thus, Hennessy’s desire to applaud their collaboration by creating an immersive and elegant experience with the sharing of interesting events that they both co-created. The interactive map allows users to browse the different Hennessy x NBA events that are happening around the world and that bring to life The Spirit of the NBA. 

Throughout the year, fans will be able to see more hotspots added to the 3d globe as their partnership continues to thrive.

Helping to showcase all the events and ideas that Hennessy created for the NBA with a robust and smooth experience.

What better way to showcase their international partnership than a revolving globe where fans can drag, play and explore many interesting contents? Refined golden hotspots on the map help to indicate where the events took place and we even plotted the 20 cocktails that Hennessy have created specifically for each NBA team. 

Three static screens of the mobile version. First one, the very beginning of the experience where the user is asked to drag the planet to unlock the content. In this screen, we see the 3D planet with a golden ring around it. Second screen is the view of a hotspot of a Cocktail with its information card. Third is the content page with the receipe of the cocktail.
Grid layout of all the screen of the experience.
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