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The Open Garden

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To celebrate their centenary year, Weleda wanted to create an immersive online garden.  Together we created an interactive 360 garden experience to engage and inspire audiences and ultimately make them feel closer to nature. Users can explore our AR botanicals, pop quizzes and other curated content drawing them deeper into the brands story and values.

Case Study

Embrace nature through awe-inspiring design and seamless technology

Weleda’s gardens are central to their products and brand heritage, they enjoy welcoming people to their physical spaces.  The challenge was how to recreate this experience digitally, inviting the whole world to explore and discover the role nature plays within Weleda.

makemepulse created an immersive experience based on a 360 exploration of the garden using a combination of technologies and visual styles. The mobile first experience is designed to be meditative as a platform and serendipitous in how we explore and learn.


Technically we created a series of enhanced 360 degree environments. We added custom animations and interactive elements to engage and surprise the audience and created a smooth and quick transition between each to enhance the narrative and storytelling.


We introduced cutting-edge WebGL rendering techniques to introduce webAR in a new way. Mobile users are able to display and explore the beautiful botanicals as part of the content instead of as a stand-alone AR experience. 

This exciting initiative is intended to engage and inspire people, helping us feel closer to the natural world at a time when we have become acutely aware of its importance to our well-being.

Daniel Kugler Head of Global brand experience & Digital Marketing
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