Exploring the Potential of Apple Vision Pro: Our favourite 5

This is a 3D illustration of a VR headset. It looks like it's turned on as we can see colors on the screen. The background is a pastel gradient color from pink to yellow.

Our Vision Pro has arrived and it’s fascinating to see everyones first reactions when testing it out. Spacial computing is redefining how we interact with our surroundings through digital devices.

makemepulse strategist Camille Chalvin wanted to share some of the first apps we’ve tested and how they are opening up a spectrum of possibilities that can be a game changer when it comes to customer engagement.  

5 apps from #AppleVisionPro that caught our attention:

  1. Taking users on a journey into immersive worlds stands out as one of the most memorable and enjoyable applications we're eager to explore. And Encounter Dinosaur was an absolute blast! The lifelike presence of the dinosaur (and the butterfly before it) was truly mind-blowing, especially when it reacted to my movements. It brought out the inner 6-year-old in me, eliciting a mix of joy and awe (and I must say a bit of scare too). Beyond entertainment, these experiences hold the potential to promote wellness and positive emotions (they may even find therapeutic applications, supporting anxiety treatment or memory work).We particularly enjoyed Orbit, the meditation app that connects mental states to 360-degree AI-generated environments. Inspiring!
  2. This Cybertrunk experience is just a concept, but it showcases the potential that Vision Pro brings to immersive shopping experiences, beginning to imagine the future of online shopping and exploring how customers can better envisage themselves wearing their products. While apps like J-Crew are at the initial stages, they prompt reflections on evolving from web-centric interfaces to a more intradiegetic approach.
  3. We’ve been interested in #spatialcomputing in sport since the launch of the hololens. The PGA Tour Vision offers an opportunity to see things from a different perspective, and delve into the "behind the scenes'' of a sport that struggles to capture the entire course and competitors' progress on a single screen. The PGA app introduces new possibilities for enriched, real-time experiences. I am curious to see what other sports will follow.
  4. While gaming and entertainment promise excitement, it's one of the territories demanding the most creativity. The new control mode through gaze and hands provides significant freedom but also certain limitations that need to rethink the user experience. Games like Synth Riders are highly enjoyable, yet there's exciting potential to push boundaries further and incorporate real-world space into the storytelling (can we go beyond spatial vacuuming? 😝) Excited to see what major licenses will step into the game! 
  5. Manipulating 3D objects opens up endless possibilities in both entertainment and education, and that’s exciting! I got lost in the world of Loona Puzzle for so long… Maneuvering objects with my hand (I felt like a Jedi controlling the Force ^^), assembling the puzzle and witnessing the machine comes to life was not just relaxing but incredibly satisfying. Now, envision applying this technology in education – it could transform the learning experience, making it more playful and straightforward.

So where do you start? The Apple Vision Pro revolution opens an exciting new chapter in customer engagement, offering many innovative ways to immerse people into brand experience. Potential is huge even though it is currently in an exploratory phase (and still limited to few customers) however early adoption and a test and learn approach will serve brands and the people behind them well as spatial computing is far more than an industry buzzword.

As we venture into this spatial dimension, a complete rethinking of user experience is key. Let's propel users into more immersive interfaces and experiences, unlocking the full potential of this revolutionary technology! Ready to embark on this journey with us?

Get in touch or come and test the vision pro at our Paris office.